Lisa, CA

I love using Mayra’s Eyelashes because the quality is great and the glue is fantastic. I cannot say enough about the glue. It stays put for a long time and my customers are very happy with the product. The lashes are beautiful and look natural. I know that when I have them on, I get so many compliments and love wearing them! I recommend Mayra’s Eyelashes to everyone and when they have them put on, they are so happy! I love Mayra’s Eyelashes!

Rica, CA

I am very pleased with the quality of the Mayra’s Eyelashes extensions. I have been certified for almost a year now, and have worked on clients who have tried other extensions. Mayra’s Eyelashes far out lasts the competion. I will continue to use and recomend Mayra’s Eyelashes to all.

Grace, CA

We have been using Mayra’s Eyelashes products for several months now and have nothing but positive things to say! Our experience with both the products and the company has been easy and enjoyable! The results we see are astounding! Our clients have never been happier (or looked better)!

Aimee, CA

My name is Aimee and have been a Certified Mayra’s Eyelashes Extentionist since 2006. I have been extremely impressed with their signature adhesive; Platinum Bond as well with the lashes. Both products are great and carry a wonderful consistency. All my clients Love Mayra’s Eyelashes and would not go any other place.

Analyn, CA

Just a quick note to tell all those wondering about who the best lash extension company is, wonder no more! It is Mayra’s Eyelashes. The product consistency and safety is paramount. The education offered is so important for the safety and comfort of our clients and the added bonus of the confidence to apply the lashes properly for the longest life of the extension. Mayra’s Eyelashes the company has always been there working with me answering questions and giving me inspiring ideas. Advanced class is a must attend,she is so patient and talented able to bring out the best in the artist! I love doing lash extensions, it is truly a glamorous career.Thankyou Mayra’s Eyelashes!

Jennifer, CA

I’ve used a couple different kinds of eyelash extensions and not only do I feel like Mayra’s Eyelashes carries the best product, but my clients do too. Also I’m really glad that I can tell my clients that Mayra’s Eyelashes is made here in the U.S. in an FDA approved facility. I’ve seen other companies lashes and they don’t compare to Mayra’s Eyelashes eyelash extensions and anyone that has had them on or worked with them will tell you the same.

Angeli, CA

After researching and testing different lash companies and kits out there, I decided to purchase a kit from Mayra’s Eyelashes As I began to practice my technique, I definitely noticed one thing that set Mayra’s Eyelashes apart from the rest. The extensions did not crease or bend when picking up with either one of the tweezers. The adhesive does not have the horrible fumes that others do. This past September, I attended the Skin Care Show in Long Beach and decided to further invest with Mayra’s Eyelashes and purchased a whole lot of lash pots! Christinawas the rep who really helped me and I’m glad she did because with so many lashes and lengths, it can be a little confusing. I just love the Curly lashes and so do my clients and it’s such a great feeling when the first thing to come out of their mouths is “Wow.” I look forward to providing my clients with quality products and technique with Mayra’s Eyelashes for a long time to come!

Lovely, CA

I have been Certified 3 years now, and I just love Mayra’s Eyelashes Eyelash Extensions and products. I have customers that have had their eyelashes almost 3 years. They just love them!

One of my clients went in her store and this friend of mine was able to see her lashes, and she just loved them! She called me immediately to have them put on. I did her lashes and they looked amazing! Since I am a small business and advertising can get expensive, I worked out a deal with her, that if she marketed the eyelashes for me since she has them on and refer me 2 or more people per month I will give her, her touch-ups for FREE!

She loved the idea and has been telling everyone, although, the lashes speak for themselves! So far in less than 1 month that she has had them on, she has referred several clients to me and they are loving their lashes.

One of the girls that she referred is a professional WWF women wrestler and she is always in the spotlight and needed lashes that were more permanent, because the over-the-counter fake ones that she use to wear would always fall off during her wrestling fights and then she had to be on camera and they just didn’t look good. She is loving the Mayra’s Eyelashes Eyelash Extensions. I am very proud to be associated with Mayra’s Eyelashes!

Melanie, CA

I began using eyelash extensions a few years ago during perimenopause. It seems that the hormone fluctuations in my body caused me to lose my eyelashes, and they didn’t grow back to full thickness or length.

I have used several different types of eyelash extensions, but the best is Mayra’s Eyelashes. I like the fact that they are prescription grade. Also, the glue holds much better than other products that I have tried. That allows me to wait longer between fills. With the Mayra’s Eyelashes glue, I can also take steam showers without losing eyelashes.
I do feel that it is the best eyelash extension product on the market.



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